About Us

It All Began In June 1994.

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE), Mumbai, initiated a co-curricular programme with support of Tata Endowment Trust – the “Tata Talent Search and Nurture Programme” (TATSAN) in 1994. It was conceived and anchored by the educationist, scientist and dean of HBCSE, Dr. Chitra Natrajan. 

The objective of TATSAN was to sensitize youth about Science, Technology and Society so that they grow up as responsible citizens determined to contribute towards the progress of masses, in their own way. The co-curricular programme was conducted for two years of HSC. After a great learning experience, multi-disciplinary exposure and camaradarie, the students parted ways in 1996 to pursue their passions.

17 Years Later..

Thanks to the social media, some of the alumni connected again. The reunion not only brought together the old friends, but also revived a spark – “What can we do for the masses?” The spirited TATSANITES, now equipped with higher education, skills, exposure from different countries and 12 to 15 years of professional experience, put together their heads on Skype for several days. Few more like minded friends chimed in, and that’s how Mentors for Future was born !

April 2016!

Mentors for Future was launched in April 2016 as a voluntary initiative, a humble tribute tolate Dr. Chitra Natrajan and late Dr. Nagesh Dhayagude, the beloved mentors of TATSANITES.

“There Can Be A More Sustainable, More Equitable World. We Can Be The Change We Want To See. Changes Can Happen In One Small Step Or In A Big Revolution. We Can Make Both Happen, Because We Are Young Dreamers !” 

-Dr. Chitra Natrajan


M4F envisages to create an enabling environment for young dreamers to develop and contribute for building a more sustainable and equitable


The mission of M4F is to enable youth to realise their potential, enhance abilities for achieving desired goals and grow up as responsible citizens. For this purpose, M4F intends to support youth throughout their journey of career development, right from career planning after SSC to completion of higher education and employment.


  • Guidance for making informed career decisions
  • Provide access to resources for education
  • End-to-end mentoring to bridge the gap between academics and real life challenges in aspired professions

Target Group

M4F currently caters to the needs of students who have appeared for SSC and HSC in 2016 primarily from Maharashtra. Special emphasis for reaching the rural and tribal students through teachers, schools and other organizations.

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