Developing Communication Skills and Leadership

Friends, communication skills and leadership are some of the most important qualities that help you to succeed in academics as well as profession going ahead. People with these skills can make good impressions with ease, make good friends, win trust of people and work together will different types of people and lead to gain results.
But mind well, it takes years to develop and polish these skills. Hence, we urge you make efforts from a very early stage. Here are some of the ways to do it! If you connect with mentors, they would help you the best !

Courses for Spoken English

The courses are conducted by specialised institutions, and are generally set up in cities and towns. These could be full time courses of 10 to 30 days in summer vacation, or part time courses upto 3 months throughout the year.

The catch is, it is difficult to find out which are good ones and most suitable for you. Some courses are conducted as per difficulty level. i.e. Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (advance), Level 3 (professional).

You need to identify good institutes with help of your teachers or mentors. Thereafter, you could visit the institute personally. The counsellors there can help you choose the right level of course. 

Online Courses for Communication Skills

This is a good option for those who are unable to attend the courses in person. Online courses could be paid or free. These courses have video’s of lectures coupled with individual assignments. You need to check out some of these to see for yourself!

Here are links to some of good online courses:

Participating in competitions

Several competitions are held in colleges and also during inter-collegiate festivals in elocution, debates, etc. Participating in these competitions helps to improve communication skills, boosts confidence and helps you to understand where do you stand vis-à-vis others. It gives an indication of efforts you need to make to improve yourself. Here, participation is as important as winning.


So don’t hesitate, go ahead and participate at an earliest !

Own efforts!

All said and done, nothing can beat sincere efforts ! You need to consistently keep trying different ways on your own too. For this, you could try some of these simple things depending on access and free time:

  • Read both English and Marathi newspapers regularly
  • Watch news on the TV
  • Listen to news on Radio
  • Read good books in addition to syllabus
  • Try to speak in English within your group
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