Mentoring Through Career

Mentoring Is..

A process by which a mentee is guided by a mentor for: 

  • Improving in studies
  • Understanding latest developments in chosen career
  • Developing skills essential for successful career
  • Learning to overcome difficulties in progress

M4F mentors help you throughout you careers as long as you need support, right from SSC till you start working!

The process is driven mainly by the mentee, i.e. the mentee has to take initiative to reach out to the mentor, stay in touch and share about difficulties or seek advice regularly depending on mutual convenience. However, sometimes there is a possibility that mentor may change depending on availability and need of the mentee. But m4F will ensure that every genuine mentee will receive support as and when needed.

Why mentoring? 

Simple, because it helps to bring out the best in you!

  • Helps in bridging the gap between academics and professional life by updating mentee on the real-life scenario and developments in the chosen field.
  • Focuses on realising the potential.
  • Helps in coping with career challenges.
  • Useful for getting quality exposure to chosen field.
  • If required, expert guidance is available to decide course corrections in career.

After the verification call, M4F team will provide you with mobile number and email id of the right mentor. Thereafter, you need to connect with mentor and mutually agree upon how you would like to interact (in person, phone or mail) and when.
Thereafter, you and your mentor will carry on the process as per mutual convenience, as long as you wish to. It could be one time advice, or a relationship throughout your education and beyond. It all depends on you.
You and your mentor will engage in following activities as per your need. Your mentor will know how to bring out the best in you through all these activities!



Consistently share ideas, thoughts, dreams and difficulties

take progress

Track progress

Work towards improving your studies



Learn about recent developments in chosen field


Connect with experts       

Mentor will connect you with experts in chosen field


Improve skills         

Learn additional skills for successful career



Make efforts to consistently improve in academics and other activities


Identify opportunities                           

Learn about opportunities for job or self-employment in chosen field


Continue to progress!  

Even after you start working, the mentor can guide you to progress !                          

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